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Multimedia Campaign Analysis

Analyse the dimensions of your campaign that you could not analyse before, and help answer questions like: “Do my users prefer image posts with family or a group of friends?” “Do my customers prefer audio ads with jingles or narration”

Hashtag and keywords recommendations

Analyse the hashtags and keywords from the web and competitors to compare against your own. Recommend the most appropriate hashtags and keywords for increased engagement.

Similar Content Search

Compare your content against you and your competitor’s historical content to predict the performance and engagement of it.

Next Best Action

Suggest the next best marketing action for each specific customer based off their behaviours and preferences.

Media Mix Recommendations

Analyse all previous media mixes attribution and engagement to recommend performance optimised medias that can.

Learn new details about your audience with one conversation

  • Boost advertising ROIs

    Target more specific groups by better understanding the differences of your audience.

  • Increase reach

    Encourage sharing through more engaging content and stimulating content.

  • Improve SEO

    Generate more long-tail content automatically to capture more traffic.

Start shipping AI driven features with our API

Take advantage of our extremely reliable and powerful API to implement complex AI features in your application.

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“Vector AI has made our applications AI driven, introducing features that unlock hidden insights and coaching recommendations for gamers. This process was effortless as our developers were able to integrate the API quickly and our millions of gamers loved it, more engaged than ever.”

Jason Lee

Director of Business Development, Overwolf


“Vector AI helped us to quickly deliver production-quality recommendations that our customers love – with minimal complexity and in a very short period.”

Hugh Stephens

CEO, Sked Social

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