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Your one stop platform for creating and deploying vector-based applications of search, recommendations, matching and clustering for your complex data

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Production Grade and Fully Managed Vector Search

Vector AI is the only serious choice for building mission critical vector-based applications for problems of approximate nearest neighbors, search, recommendations, matching and clustering. No need to worry about scaling and dev-ops.

State of the Art Models for Vectorisation

Turn complex data such as videos, text, audios, images, etc to vectors or deep learning embeddings with Vector Hub, our open-source repository of models for vectorisation.

Powerful API

Perform all the actions you need from creation to the deployment of your vector-based application from anywhere using our simple API.

Out of the box solutions and integrations

Out of the box solutions and integrations to start benefiting from Vector AI straight away.

Explainable A.I

By combining Business Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence, you no longer rely blindly on black box predictions but be shown new ways to analyse and explain these A.I predictions.

Always Innovating

We are constantly researching and developing new methodologies to utilise vectors and A.I to unlock new ways of utilising and analysing data. So as the field of A.I grows so do our features and capabilities.

Boosting your KPIs with ease is a conversation away

  • Accelerate development

    Massively increase speed to deliver results.

  • Magical support

    Guided learning material and chat support from our development team.

  • Production ready

    Never worry about spikes in traffic and working at scale.

Start shipping AI driven features with our API

Take advantage of our extremely reliable and powerful API to implement complex AI features in your application.

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“Vector AI has made our applications AI driven, introducing features that unlock hidden insights and coaching recommendations for gamers. This process was effortless as our developers were able to integrate the API quickly and our millions of gamers loved it, more engaged than ever.”

Jason Lee

Director of Business Development, Overwolf


“Vector AI helped us to quickly deliver production-quality recommendations that our customers love – with minimal complexity and in a very short period.”

Hugh Stephens

CEO, Sked Social

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We have a team of developers and data scientist who are able to help you smoothly implement Vector AI. Alternatively, dig into our documentation to get started yourself.