Financial Services

Leverage A.I to proactively mitigate fraud, improve business efficiency and personalised customer interactions

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Personalised Interactions

Gain visibility into customer preferences and personalise interactions and support with them throughout their customer journey to increase customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Fraud Detection

Utilise multimedia analysis and anomaly detection to match fraudulent activities and personas to detect and mitigate fraud.

Personalised Pricing

Discover more dimensions of a customer to offer a more personalised pricing and the right products.

Document Search Relevance

Evolve from traditional exact keyword matching to Google like A.I search to help employees and users to find the most relevant document for information retrieval and compliance to improve business efficiency and customer support."

Find out how to leverage AI to proactively mitigate fraud and hit business KPIs

  • Increase fraud detection

    Apply AI to more data to detect and analyse fraud

  • Improve pricing efficiencies

    Understand deeper connections between transactions and customers.

  • Discover knowledge

    Turn your data into a searchable knowledgebase.

Start shipping AI driven features with our API

Take advantage of our extremely reliable and powerful API to implement complex AI features in your application.

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“Vector AI has made our applications AI driven, introducing features that unlock hidden insights and coaching recommendations for gamers. This process was effortless as our developers were able to integrate the API quickly and our millions of gamers loved it, more engaged than ever.”

Jason Lee

Director of Business Development, Overwolf


“Vector AI helped us to quickly deliver production-quality recommendations that our customers love – with minimal complexity and in a very short period.”

Hugh Stephens

CEO, Sked Social

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