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Role Model Based Coaching

Match a player’s playstyle to a role model or professional that is most similar and recommend them actions and curriculums they can take to get closer in becoming like their role model.

Personalised Content Experiences

Recommend and deliver content that fits a players’s playstyle. A player that is strong sprinter and scorer, should be shown curriculums that can help their playstyle improve by refining weaknesses and furthering strengths.

Next Best Action

Recommend next best action to improve or achieve your objective. Should you be passing or sprint forward next to increase your likelihood of scoring?

Style Clustering Analysis

Segment and label new styles of learning and playing to compare and find new and effective styles and roles for your players.

Location based matching and next best action

In your current location, should you be moving to location A or B to increase your chance of winning.

Visual Coaching

Detect your player poses to analyse and recommend adjustments in player forms for sports.

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