Text vector search and analysis

Use Qualitative Cloud to generate analyses, or build data pipelines you can integrate into your business via API today.

Natural language processing pipelines

Find text and documents based on meaning - moving beyond literal matches and manual analysis.

human-like results

Vector and text search

Sick of keyword searches with brittle results? Vector AI’s text search engine supports both regular text (exact, fuzzy matching) and vector based searches as well as hybrid methods. Vector based searches account for context and semantics like a human.

works with any document

Automatic text wrangling

With Vector AI you can combine computer vision and natural language processing workflows to analyse virtually any document type (PDFs, audio, CSVs, images etc). From singular words, to 100+ page documents, Relevance works with any document length.

unifies disconnected data

Multi source and integrations

Vector AI integrates with major data sources and document management systems e.g Sharepoint. This means new documents can be analysed in your Vector AI data pipelines in realtime. Data from various sources can be analysed together to connect links in one UI with Vector AI.

qualitative & statistical insights

Powerful document insights

Sitting on a large amount of documents that hold business insights but can’t be utilised unless if they’re read manually, one by one? Relevance’s analysis engine allows you to identify the trends and themes that occur in your documents, to help you discover new insights before drilling down to evidence.

cutting edge analysis

Natural Language Processing

With automatic document tagging, keyword extraction, summarisation, capabilities to answer questions from unstructured text sources, and sentiment analysis, the Vector AI text analysis engine has all the features you need to discover new insights and launch AI features.

workflows to power your business

Reports and API access

Workflows created with Vector AI can generate reports so you can share insights to your team at any desired cadence. Workflows are also tied to an API so you can launch AI features to power your business or application. From one UI you can also see your workflow health and performance for further improvements.


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"Vector-based technology will power the next Google's and Amazon's. Vector AI makes building vector-based applications as simple as Stripe makes payments."

Shuning Zhao

Cofounder, Data Science & AI Association

"Vectors are the future of fast and effective data-driven search and recommendation. Vector AI will help fuel the next generation of AI driven developers and data scientists deliver insight to their customers."

James Alexander

Partner, Galileo